I will, I won't. I do, I don't.

Posted by Lizzie on Tuesday, May 19, 2009
This morning I was looking into purchasing dinosaur sheets for my bed.

And then I went to look at a loft apartment with Ryan and I felt the desires to have a real job and be married to someone in 3 to 7 years explode inside of me.

I'm turning 22 in a month and two weeks or something like that.

This is the first birthday I'm actually really really ok with since I turned 17. The nostalgia of leaving 20, 19, 18, and 17 was especially traumatic. But I actually can't wait to be 22. I have no regrets about leaving 21. Not that it was bad, because I loved it. It's just that I'm ok with being 22. 22 is a nice number.

But when I turn 23, I know I'll just die. For no rational reason. I just don't want to be 23.

Conor knows: "So, I go back and forth forever. All my thoughts, they come in pairs."

Dinosaurs and settling down... How can I have both?

Why do I even want the settling down part? And so soon? THAT'S NOT EVEN ME.

Sometimes I hate this age.

Also, I wish I could talk about all the things of substance that actually matter in this blog. I'm exploding with actual real problems too. Mostly just caring about the real problems of other people. Why does it seem like everyone's going through complete shit right now? I love you guys.




And it should go without saying, but settling down is something that you CAN do impulsively and you CAN do with the wrong person and you CAN do when it seems right but then things change. Settling down with dino sheets will only happen with one of the right people though. And the right job, and and. It really is kind of complicated. You can't tell if the time is right basically ever. I recommend setting purposely lenient age barriers. Have a steady job by 30. Be married by 40. No pressure. When the urge rises up, ask every boy you know if they'll marry you. It's the perfect plan! I am just spouting nonsense with my mind on everything else at the moment, but seriously, I think asking kids you know to marry you and being SUPER serious about it and wanting to talking over everything that would entail would put shit in perspective.

no i dont want dino sheets AND settling down... the two dont work together... i want dino sheets now and settling later... but the loft makes me think i want settling soon... that was the point of that

i am unclear

Lizzy-love, I found the most wonderfully adorable peach t-shirt the other day. Two cartoon bunnies were holding flowers and touching noses and it said Kiss Me. I don't think Kiss Me really says what I want 22 to be about, so I didn't buy it. It made me a little sad.

well that wasn't so much you being unclear as me rambling about something else entirely?

also, as a copy editor, I would like journal-editing privileges in the interest of correcting Ryan's horrible grammar

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