Like Faceless Shadows

Posted by Ryan R. on Sunday, August 02, 2009
I apologize for my absence lately, but Summer can become crazy sometimes. I've spent a lot of time on the road over the course of this weekend, which has allowed me to congregate with my thoughts. One thing that I spent considerable time thinking about were friends, acquaintances and people who have passed through my life over the years. Which brings me to today's topic.

Every year, but more like every semester has brought new people into my life. Some have stayed in my life longer than that one semester but many have fallen into my memories as shadows of my past. What determines who gets forgotten? It could be that unless we have really made a connection, that I won't be making the effort to keep you in my life. I am by no means lazy, its just I don't want to be that guy that texts everybody just to check in. The time we spent next to each other in that History class were great, but do you really want to hear from me months after school has ended? Here is what determines who stays in my life and who doesn't.

I encounter a lot of people during the semester, which is probably do to my friendly personality, others would say flirtatious. Most of these people become class friends which leads to nothing more than having some people to goof around with in class and share what has happened over the weekend. Which is fine with me. We may not be the most compatible friends to hang with beyond class, but while we're in our seats, we are the best of friends.

The people who stay with me are the ones who have done lunch with me. Who have partied with me more than once and who I have made a strong connection with. I'm hoping, with the new semester quickly approaching, that I will meet more people like this and expand my network of friends.

It's hard to keep every single person you have ever met in your life. You sometimes have to choose and let some people go on their way. Maybe down the road our paths will cross again and that is a day to look forward to. Until that day however, be happy with the friends you have and enjoy the time you share.

Some food for thought. Until next time...



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