Little Boxes, Little Boxes, Little Boxes Made Of Ticky Tacky

Posted by Lizzie on Saturday, August 15, 2009
That's how I feel whenever I fly into any city. No cities I've been to are nearly as bad in this capacity as Atlanta though. But this is a story for another time.

Moving on, life is entirely ironic most of the time.

As i strolled through the Philadelphia airport on my way to claim some baggage, I read an ad about how most people will read the entire ad in an airport instead of just briefly glancing at it and how you should advertise in the airport for this reason. It was advertising advertising, basically.

However, the irony is (I told you this was going to be ironic) is that it's probably the only airport ad I've ever read in its entirety for whatever reason. Maybe the people that are advertising for advertising are just so good at advertising that their ad is better than all the others.

Oh, yeah. And now they advertise on the baggage carousel apparently. And I have to admit that it's a damn good idea because it's wicked effective.

I know know more about Overstock.com than I ever cared to because I've seen the ad come around 20 or so times.



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