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Posted by Lizzie on Tuesday, February 24, 2009
Usually I'm not this serious of a person. Or this emotional of a person. Just wait 'til I get my humor back. If i ever get it back. Then you'll be more entertained. I promise.

Usually I walk to school. Unless it's really cold. Except that I did walk that one morning when it was -5 but "feels like" -22 or whatever. Stupid stupid stupid. Anyway, yesterday I was too tired for the 15 minute walk, so I hopped on a 71A.

I love public transportation. You interact with people. All different kinds of people. It's very life-affirming. People are beautiful when you really stop to realize it. All the good things and bad things. This wasn't the first time I've had a very human experience on a PAT bus.

I sat next to this guy. He asked me if I knew what time it was. I told him it was 10. He asked me if the library was open, because that's where he was headed. I told him that I thought it was. Then he told me that some libraries weren't open on Monday. I reassured him that this one was. Then I asked him what he was going to the library to get. And he said books. And I kind of smiled on the inside and maybe the outside too and I asked what kind of books. He said he didn't know. He just wanted to go in and learn something. OMFG, I DIED. It was the most beautiful thing I've heard in a week.

Then he asked me if I was on my way to school. And I said yes. And he asked me what I was studying and I told him. Then he asked me why I was studying psychology. Nobody ever asks questions about the political science part. Only psychology.

So then I told him that I didn't know. And this is what I usually tell people and then I follow up the answer with an explanation about how Pitt doesn't have a minor and I had too many credits not to just keep going and get the major. But this time, I just told him that I didn't know and stopped at that and a tear rolled down my face. I cried in public. Again.

It used to be that if you wanted to get tears out of me in public, you'd have to drill down for days with the latest and greatest technology known to mankind. So it never happened. But now it's like one scoop of dirt and the underground waterfall spills out.

It was only one tear though. I said I was sorry (for the tear). And he told me not to worry. That no one really knows anything. And that you just have to know to keep going.

And all of that was from a stranger.

And I think that for the rest of my life I'll remember the time I cried on the 71A, in front of a stranger, and he told me that it was going to be ok. And that helped me more than anything probably could have that day.

I think we should cry in front of each other more often.



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