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Posted by Lizzie on Thursday, February 26, 2009
Which of these subatomic particles has a fractional charge?
a) neutrino
b) photon
c) quark <---- THE ANSWER!!!
d) positron

A neutrino has no charge, a photon has no charge (WTF is a photon? Every time I think about this, it blows my mind), and a positron has a +1 charge.

But a quark has a either a -1/3 charge (down-type) or a +2/3 charge (up-type).

HOWEVER, there's no such thing as a quark by itself. They're always stuck together in the form of hadrons. A quark is an elementary particle and a hadron is a composite particle. Protons and neutrons are hadrons.

All of that is pretty much useless information. I don't know any practical information that might be beneficial some day. I apologize most sincerely.

- http://www.particlezoo.net/
- "Coming of Age in the Milky Way" by Timothy Ferris (It's slightly outdated because it was published in 1989 or something, but it will still fuck with your head in the best possible way.)
- the LHC
- boys who know a lot about physics because they teach me things and I fall in love



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