Installment 3 of "Songs-That-Make-You-Feel-Better" Sunday

Posted by Lizzie on Sunday, March 08, 2009
Somewhere under water
Maybe you could find my heart

Arguably some of the best two opening lines of any song ever... both lyrically and musically. Strip down to your undies, turn it up, and jump around. Because Saves The Day has your back with Holly Hox, Forget Me Nots. All it takes is the first 9 seconds and I'm lost to bliss. (I also suggest purchasing the entire album, Through Being Cool.)

About this video: Youtube is awesome for the most part and has most songs you want. But sometimes you can only get the song as part of someone else's stupid video. This happened last week too. Please note that the real song doesn't begin until about 5 seconds in to the video. Listen for the opening drum part. It's amazing.



Saves the Day? Really? I'll admit I like the drums and the opening lines...but I just can't listen any further than that. Sorry!

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