Where we're going, we don't need roads.

Posted by Ryan R. on Monday, March 30, 2009
This has been on and off my mind for awhile now and has recently been brought back to the foreground. Where do you see yourself in 5 years? or even 10?! This is a very interesting question and fits nicely with the context of this blog. Right now you're probably in college, comfortable with where you're at and what you're doing. That's fine because you're supposed to be having the time of your life right now. However, you should be looking ahead, down the road into the future.

Most college students today put in a good solid 4 years of schooling before heading off into the workforce. There are of course those who decide on going to Grad School, but this question still applies to them. Eventually you're going to leave the wonderful world of Academia (ugh) and begin seriously living on your own for the first time. Have most kids thought about where they plan to work and to live? I sure hope so because it's something that needs to be planned in advance. The sad part to all of this is that most students do not have a plan after college and just try to wing it. I would like to compare this to trying to wing a final exam, it rarely turns out pretty. To those who do decide to wing it, they usually end up playing Nintendo instead of working on their resume, applying to bar tending school instead, becoming a part time comedian and eventually working in a low tier restaurant scraping by with tips. Not the most glamorous way to end the remaining years of your 20s? Maybe for some I guess....

Instead of the previous scenario, start formulating a life plan for yourself. It doesn't have to be extensive, but just begin thinking about your future. Will you be working full time over the summer, begin your last year of college in the fall and land an internship position that will give you job security when you graduate, and eventually find a place to call your own? Sounds a lot better than second guessing what you should have done while on your smoke break out behind the restaurant.

Final words of advice for everybody who is in this situation. DO NOT let anything or anybody get in your way of achieving your life goals. DO NOT think that taking a year off school and coming back to finish later is a good idea. If anything, you'll be making it harder on yourself later on. So...Stick to your game plan, road map, whatever and don't stop until you have achieved what you set out to do. And especially don't let any girl/boy get in the way of your dreams. Think about yourself first because the only person with control over your future is you...!



I think years and years of not expressing my views to people I don't know very well have convinced me that it's just not worth it and possibly I should change that

anyway ryan it's not about where you go, it's about who you meet

we were put here to explore, and if that means exploring one particular career path in your late 20's, so be it

personally I think kids should have 19-25 to fuck around and go to college from 26-30
they would be SO much more motivated

for me it's all about meeting new people, secondarily acquiring different perspectives, tertiarily seeing new places

anyway, in conclusion do what you want and fuck the rest

and ryan sometimes what you want IS the girl/boy and everything else is just killing time

i think that's actually what I'm doing

anyway, longwinded


yayyy mike... i disagree with 95% of what repptar said

Both Mike and Ry have good points. I think most of us are still too young and aimless to have any clear idea of what we want to do, to know 100% that this is the path we want to follow for the rest of our lives. We're new to the big bad world and we need time to screw around in it! But taking time off never works out well (most never go back) and pursuing that girl/boy instead is a terrible idea, whatever anyone might say or think about it: Been there, done that, and its hard to get your academic career back on its feet with a broken heart. The sad truth is that people at this age just aren't dependable enough to be worth staking your whole future on. My solution? Get a degree, then screw around for a few years, then get another degree if I happened to have decided that my original degree is not suited for what I want to do. No shame in changing careers! Ry's last line is good advice, though.

Anyway, all I meant to say is that I love this blog. Y'all are fun.

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