Sports Trivia Is Useful For Winning Prizes In Bars

Posted by Lizzie on Thursday, March 12, 2009
What team won the first NCAA Men's Division I Basketball Championship?
a) Oregon <---- THE ANSWER!!!
b) North Carolina
d) Oklahoma St.

Yep, Oregon won the first tournament championship in 1939. That's a long-standing tradition of madness. 70 years, man.

I hope UCLA faked you out! The answer is always C. Except when it's not. So when in doubt, pick it. And you'll be wrong 75% of the time.

Anyway, UCLA's won 11 championships. The most of any school. That's why it was a tempting answer. In terms of probability, UCLA was your best bet.

North Carolina (<3) has 4 championship wins. And Oklahoma St. has 2.

Sadly, Oregon's only win was that win in 1939.

Speaking of Oregon, this is a nice lead-in to our next blog. It's about the magnificence that graced our childhoods and our classroom Apples. Hold your pants on, it's gonna be good.

- the delightful month of March
- 3-point miracle shots at the buzzer to win the game



Oh god! Where is my belt, because my pants be slipping!

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